July 10, 2006

Let's go crackers

CURLY COW Rejoice 'Ziners! Cow Appreciation Day is fast approaching... Oh, and I'll get the cheese! I'll bring the crackers.

FLUFFY THE EVIL ONE Huzzah 'Zine is saved. Digi TV's finally reached Wolverhampton. I feel a party coming on. I'll bring the crackers.

KOMUCHA MUSHROOM GIRL Joy of joys! 'Zine's been saved! Made my summer! I'll bring the... you know the rest.


WLW perusing the net?

'What on Earth is this?'

It seems WLW has used his magic hooves to boogie board the internet and promised us a return of 'Zine on digital telly.

Huzzahs and midgets all round. But no Jaffa Cakes. Please.

Mancomb Seepgood

It's all about the oat cakes these days. And real, live giants, like Peter Crouch.


Long live 'Zine!

And so, 'Zine was saved and all who knew it rejoiced, flailed, did the Macarena and a few stole street signs and traffic cones for no reason other than pure delight.

The water supply being spiked with absinthe had nothing to do with it. Honest.

To celebrate new beginnings, I have a new name. Once again it is stolen from a song. But a better one this time.

From Nita Nitro nee Ten Flaws Down

Las Kechup, no?


Art school scum

Hello there, WLW, my lovely.

So, I see that 'Zine is staying thanks to us lot. Well done.

I'm now art school scum. It is muchos fun, you should try it some time.

I have many deep cuts on my hands, largely due to an unfortunate incident with a scalpel while making my exhibition piece.

If you saw blood in a gallery floor recently, it was most probably mine.

Satan's Little Helper

Would never put my hooves at such risk.


Meh, digital, *shrugs*

I read this on Vegetable Revolution:

"From July 13 you can find Mavis, Medulla and moi ('Zine) on p839 on ITV DTT, DSAT and C4 DTT."

Is this true WLW? Oh there is a God.

What a glorious day it is for all us 'Ziners. Praise the Lord... and etc. Jaffas. (Just making sure I get published.)

The Confused Lima-Bean

Have been told to wind my (not short) neck in too many times about Jaffas. Point taken. Jaffa over and out.