July 11, 2006

Whom do you think he is?

The Psychedelic Gloom Should Dr Who be called Dr Whom? And Super Glue - Supergloom?

Daddypoos Just checked you out on digital. Why have they given you a yellow felt tip? I say: why not?

The optomistic princess of punk (hastily wiping away the tears) I knew that the 'Zine could never be defeated! Not even by the evils o'digital! My trusty light sabre came in handy again


'Back Once Again...

...with the Renegade Master, Dee For Damager, Power To The People."

I presume those are the lyrics, if not, many apologies to 'Wildchild', who I know is a big 'Zine fan.

Anyway, what with 'Zine continuing, I feel it's probably a good time for a belated and probably underwhelming comeback! My first ever letter will be sent to you via time prism. Last Tuesday.


Let me just get my glow stick, Topper!


Claudia and Bob

Well now, writing an e-mail to 'Zine is a trip down memory lane. The sort of trip where you fall over in front of people you're trying to impress, get up - laugh about it - and try to hide the tears of genuine pain.

I hope 'Zine stays alive. You are like my grand-father - I never visit, but I stop by once in a while to organise your mail and make sure you're still alive.

The Educated Wombat

I'm charmed. Now open my post.



Claudia:Hey, Bob, if you were a superhero, what would your name be?
Claudia:I'll rephrase that. Bob, if you were a superhero - and not called Bob - what would your name be?

Vigilante Maelstrom

I love Bob. But sometimes I wish he'd turn the showing off down a notch or two.


Lovely Zine

Its silky spirals shimmer and twist, dancing sinuously and, well, basically if it had a physical form, it'd obviously be a belly dancer, with its sexy, slow gyrating moves.

And the colour! You can't call it grey, but I guess, the colour of liquid lust. Because, you know, steam is wonderful.

Gimme that iron!

Elden Ray

I might get Mabel Mop around. You've got me in the mood.


More modern technology

Gah! What are you doing to me? Not only have I had to figure out using e-mail now I have to figure out digital TV. I don't know how much more my swiftly age-ing mind can take!

Mind you saying that, it's worth it to see all the old faces again. All we need now is some dodgy '90s music and a couple of bottles of white lightning...

Manky Horrible Brussel Sprout

You're the classiest little vegetable around...