July 3, 2006

The End

I'm starting a petition to bring back Zine!

I urge the older Ziners such as The Brigadier, Spiky Stuy and, oh God, even Emma The Li'l Angel to return and help us!

Goodbye WLW, and to answer your question of a few weeks back; no I dont fly in circles. The wing is merely there to look good, along with my lil KadajKitty!

One Winged Angel and lil kadajkitty

Someone told me I'd been winging it all this time. I do not understand.


Bring back 'zine petition

After many years of writing in, you've decided to close the Mega-zine shop down for good.

As well as taking the opportunity to purchase some of the great 'Ziners at half price, I'd like the floor coverings and Mavis.

Thanks for the good times.

Junior Minister

No Mavis, but how about that old chestnut, Medulla? She's house trained and will never soil your slippers.


Closing Down Sale

I recently tuned into my internet to hear that the once mighty 'Zine is soon to be no more. It pains my massive, robotic heart to hear such news.

I just wanted to say 'RIP Mega-zine' - may future incarnations fail miserbaly because "it's just not Mega-zine...".


Was that a little bit of water that just escaped my eye? Oh, my lovely old Ziners, this is too much...


A hearty farewell

Well, the impossible has happened. I've un-retired just to send a message of thanks and goodwill to WLW and the gang.

It's sad to hear you're going - the digital revolution has claimed a few more victims.

Thanks also to all the 'Ziners who made this page great back in the days of page 142.

See you on Vegetable Revolution, everyone!

Insane Jam Sow

If IJS can come out of retirement...



So, Zine is ending huh? Well WLW, it's been a blast!

I leave you with these final words: Did you know.. if you put the words 'Did you know..' in front of a sentence, most people will believe whatever you say.

Toodles my peoples!

Paddy Irishman

Did you know I'm actually taking over some of David Beckham's lucrative advertising contracts now he's jacked in HIS job?


Adding insult to injury

Word has it 'Zine is ending. Pity you didn't cut it off when the going was still good, you know. Like they did for the Fast Show. I'n't milk brilliant?

Personally, I feel we should all insult WLW for the rest of the time. See if *it* can come up with something witty for a change.

Elden Ray

Oh, and we used to be such good pals? Ah well, that's your all-expenses paid trip to Gran Can up the spout.