June 26, 2006

Crabby about apples

Daddypoos Bought some crab apples. Not one single crab in 'em. Elden Ray wears thongs. 'strue. You woz robbed.

The Psychedelic Gloom The birdsong before the 6 o'clock news should definitely become a regular event. Or maybe the Hokey Cokey?

Blonde Chic Did you know that Jaffa Cakes only have 42 calories in? I'll have another one then. Mmmmmm.


Elden the vampire

Will you permit me to drink a little of your blood, WLW?

Also, I have an amazing psychic announcement to prove my greatness: Henman will never win anything.

Elden Ray the great aka Rasputin's under dog. Natch.

Now I'm a believer


The Ziners are revolting

So, WLW isn't long for this world? can't say im surprised given the revolution being plotted.

You betrayed us WLW; you allowed ex-B*ckch*tters to join! Now we must suffer at the hands of their B*ckch*ttyness!

What would Davord say?


One Winged Angel

Everyone is welcome in the Zine world, no matter of their past sins.


Ants in your cars

A message to those who like squashing ants: size for size they are much stronger than you are. If humans were as strong as ants, a 64-kg man would be able to lift three family cars above his head.

So next time remember who you're picking on, ant assassins!

Katlashima the Clown

In that case we should kill them all before they evolve, grow and take over the world.


Fry vs Jaffas: the debate

Now, Lord Sebastian, being a huge fan, I'm afraid I'd have to choose our lovely Stephen Fry over Jaffas. He just tastes so much sweeter!

Moogle Wannabe VII

But does he contain only 42 calories? I think not.