June 6, 2006


THE SPARKLY HAPPY LADY OMG I know Crazy Mint Lady, and I'm telling ya she's an emo! Sorry to rat you out. What a snitch.

NEMOBERRY I am starting a brigade of Nemos (non emos) to trample out all emoness! Who's with me? Not Crazy Mint Lady by the sound of things.

VINCE N What's with fruit? Yer banana's green and tough one day, and brown and manky the next. Peaches and nectarines are joining in too. Stick to Jaffas.



I've lost the will to live! I should be revising for exams, but that's such a lot of effort, so instead of sensibly picking up my notes from two years ago I'm e-mailing a Teletext-employed, Jaffa-obsessed, giraffe.

Do you think universities will accept that as a good enough reason for me to fail my exams?

The Spontaneously Combusting Penguin.

I'd try to think of a better excuse if I were you. Lecturers are getting tired of hearing the WLW explanation.



Well the summer is upon us and TV seems to be from the 4th to 9th circles of Heck as the World Cup is upon us. When will they get commentators that actually understand football?

Also, season whatever of Big Brother will quite possibly end up with a Dalek exterminating them all.

Love and cuddles.

Princess Psycho

Now that would be good television.



I had a dream.

In a cylindrical tower floating above the Earth a group of children carved hummingbirds out of soap. As they worked, an old soldier played on the hurdy-gurdy, making the hummingbirds come to life.

Katlashima the Clown

Sounds like an afternoon working here at Teletext Towers.



In the words of thicky Nikki from Big Brother, smell me! I smell fantastic! Fresh as a daisy! Personal hygiene indeed! I like ducks, not chickens.

Mama Goth

That's more than can be said for smelly Dawn from Big Brother. Remember her?



The fifth years in my school are doing GCSEs, the sixth years, ASs and the seventh years, A2s, so what does my school give to all us junior years? Why, they give us summer exams to make it even. Us third years even had GOMLs for Irish and French which aren't very easy.

And who says teachers aren't nice?

The Confused Lima-Bean

Not me. Well not to their faces.