June 5, 2006

THE JAGGY THISTLE If the 3 mice were blind, how did they manage to run after the farmer's wife, and why did she cut off their tails? Good point. Somebody ring the RSPCA.

LILAC LOLLIPOP LADY GCSEs are so stressful, the only thing keeping me going r ur funny comments oh and of course The Jaffas. Good to hear Jaffa has got a fan, now get back to those books.



Isn't it very discriminative that Actimel only test their products on "real" women? What about the imaginary people? Aren't they allowed to be freed from digestive discomfort?

One Winged Angel

Yep, it's a real shame. Clearly an untapped market.



I see that footballers do a little dance when they score a goal but what about Peter Crouch doing a robot dance when others dance like monkeys? Still he will have a future painted in silver paint in the high street.

Well toodles, Love and Hugs,

Princess Psycho

He's big, he's mad, he dances like your dad, Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch. Crouch mania is sweeping the nation.



I've seen giraffes in a tent. Trouble was it was my tent. They then threw out all my clothes and ate my sandwiches.

Joke's on them, though. I made those sandwiches. They were sick for 26 days and 14 hours exactly. I used the good ham.

The Shamrocking Bogman

They must have been from the sandwich-eating herd. Stick with Jaffa-eating giraffes and you'll be OK.



It's Will I feel sorry for.

Every time a battle goes pear shaped the order is given "Shoot at Will" What's he done wrong???

Should have stayed home with his mam.


Poor old chap. Maybe he just doesn't have enough will power for battle.



I'm getting lonely in my fangirlish world. I need people to join me and together, we can take over the world and turn it into one big appreciation group for Final Fantasy VII.

Now raise your hands if you're joining me! Anyone? No? Come on! Join me! Don't make me start singing Join Me by HIM!

One Winged Angel

I think someone at the back had their hand up... oh, maybe not.