December 21, 2005

CURLEY COW Have a luvly cheesy Christmas everyone! Lots of Luv. And a Hap-brie New Year!

NOT RANDOM JUST RARE On the subject of god, if we are all gods kids then what's so special about Jesus? I'm confused. I think he was the favourite child.



JOE YOUNG I've just spent three hours watching a movie about a giant monkey with a crush on a skinny blonde! And no I haven't had a drop. You're in the wrong place if you're expecting reality on here.

VIGILANTE MAELSTROM Love is like a diamond, it's... nice. And expensive.

THE SHEEP THAT LOST ITS WOOL Hay, I'm single as a pringle and willing to mingle, application forms here! Form an orderly queue. No pushing in.



Since joining VR I've somehow become the Agony Uncle. Now I don't mind (put Doctor in your name and it's expected) and so far I've given good advice, but I'd like to stress I'm not a qualified Agony Relative, and this run of good advice can't last, so don't always expect good advice from me.

My advice to you all is not to take my advice too seriously.

Dr Namgge (currently still legal)

I don't think there's a danger of that.



I'm a creation of the digital age. I am made up from 5 million pixies. I can display all the colours of the rectum and give a whole new meaning to 'Lap Top'. I have got lots of gigglee bites.

Anyway, me mam loves me.


And so do we. Even though you are clearly bonkers.



Hail my 'Zine brethren. For a number of years I have read Megazine. But now, for no reason, I reveal my existence.

Fear me and my coming reign of terror, for I am Sonic the Balrog!

Sonic the Balrog

Oh cripes, not another one launching a reign of terror. When will the madness end?



So! Next generation "loopiness", eh? I'm pretty sure the description of Mega-Zine is "More from our loopy correspondents or something! Hmph.

On a lighter note, I found out Smashed Strawberry is lovely, just like me!

Crinkle Cut Beatroot

Loopiness: The Next Generation - coming to a cinema near you soon. Don't forget to get your Smashed Strawberry in the foyer.



The Ultimate question. I have a dilemma in that I can't decide what to call my mittens which turn into gloves.

I like the word "Miloves" cos it sounds like "me love" and that's all nice and everything. But I could also call them "glittens" which sounds like glitter, and glitter is so pretty.

Oh, my life is full of terrible, life-affirming decisions.

The Amazing Bouncing Ferret

Mittens that turn into gloves? These new fangled inventions are beyond me.