December 18, 2005


LWL WLW, where are those pretty talking giraffes you spoke about? Can you introduce me? If you want to see them you'll have to pay me a visit.

THE AMAZING BOUNCING FERRET It's tinsel time. Tinsel everywhere! But not here.



CONFUSED PIRATE That's impossible, One Winged Angel - you don't have mirrors. They took them away to stop you scaring yourself. For those of you who missed the first part of this - tough.

PHUNKY PHOENIX I'm dreaming of a pink Christmas (pink is so the new white... totally). Better pink than yellow snow.

TECHNO MACHINE Can't wait for the new Deathstars album, Termination Bliss. Industrial music rocks. If you say so.



Finally finished my Christmas shopping today (yours is already in the post, WLW). I shan't say what I have bought people, their spies may be reading this.

Thankfully I won't have to do this for another year so I can go back to spending my hard-earned money on myself (I know that's selfish but I work really hard for my money).

Dr Namgge

When you say, "Yours is in the post," for some reason, I don't believe you.



It has come to my attention that you have, in fact, one wing. Due to recent coverage in 'Zineland, I must confess: I have your other wing. I am hereby asking permission to gain full ownership of your angelic wing.

I shall wear it with pride and look after it like a new-born baby hippo if you agree.

Yours sincerely.

Mechanic Monkey

Flog the wing on eBay - you might just get a few quid for it.



I want to tread on the frosted grass of the bowling green, to feel the delicate crunch of the sparkling shimmering crispy grass under foot.

I want to be the first person on this, and dance in the sunlight's fingers. But I can't. There's a fence in the way.

Elden Ray

Go chuck a few strikes down at Megabowl. There's no fences in the way there.



I hereby present WLW with his/her Jaffa Cake-shaped gong, and congratulate him/her for the following comments:

  • Give me a good raisen.
  • Is she a stilletosaurus?
  • The name's Spy, Aphra the Post-Modern Spy. No, doesn't work.
  • Wanna be James Bond? Join the Q!
  • There will be hell toupee.

The DeLorean That Got Struck By Lightning

Did you know it's exactly 50 years since that lightning struck you?



I don't know what the greater worry is for me.

Noticing Cameron from Hollyoaks isn't being thorough enough when cleaning, or the fact that I actually watch Hollyoaks in the first place?Ah, Hollyoaks - the land of the beautiful people.

Cool Hand Bob

I remember the happy days when somebody got killed off every week.