October 22, 1999

Official notice: Homer Simpson will be doing WLW's job today. WLW is feeling poorly! Ahhh...

ANGEL MOUSE The orange Smarties rule the world. OK. Ummmm Smarties. Ummmmm, mouse.

JUSTIN CASE I eats... MOTORCARS. Ummmm, motorcars.

POLYTHENE GIRL I am a strawberry milk carton. I live in fear of being drunk! (Or stepped on.) Ummmm... strawberry milk carton.



I have been a 'Ziner for one year, two weeks and three days. You are nothing. I have powerful allies: Flying Turnip, JSP etc. Also as a captain in the 'Zine army, I wield considerable power.

I was the first to use a fish-orienatated pseudonym, (excluding Bob the Fish). I do not align myself with common river dwellers.

You are no threat to me. I shall ignore you. Bye!

Captain Fish

You're way out of



Dear 'Ziner friends,

I have two friends who say that lemon and lime marmalade is jam. The imbeciles! They are not fit to be my subjects. All 'Ziners must write in and prove them wrong.

As for the jam/marmalade debate, lemon and lime marmalade wins every time. Anyone who disagrees I will kill you, kill you... ahahaha!

It isn't my fault I'm domineering. I am Aries with Leo rising. It is my destiny to rule.

Skinned Celebrity

What a



On the bean...

Today I took a mass of caffeine. And sat in anticipation of the sweet kiss of the headache and the strong embrace of the shivers.

And then the blood rushed around my head faster and faster. I could see everything, appreciate the colours and form. And then nothing and I finally awoke.

Tomorrow I'll get an even better kick!!

Hector the Mercenary

Ummmmm, COF-FEE!


To a certain someone...

Is anyone else fed up with the Millennium? I'm really bored with it. I'm gonna hibernate — spend the day in bed with PC-Stu. If you want to join me feel free — I can always stock up on beer. Lara need never know!

Anyway, if you're busy I can always just fall asleep. I bet Lara will be too tired 'cos she's having the baby and everything!

Diskworld Duchess

Ummmmm, BEER