October 20, 1999

THE FREAKY SPIDER I love you all. Oh gee great! Can we have a group hug on national television now!?

ALONE WOLF Have you ever noticed that in STEPS, the two boys NEVER actually sing? And how many painful hours of famous five footage did you endure before you came to such an obvious conclusion?

BLUE MEANIE Words are said but not heard, words are read but not understood. In that case the futility of your letter should be clear.


Freaky Fairy

Fat chips or thin chips? It's got to be a combination of the two: cone-shaped chips — it's such a shame no one's invented them yet.

And did you know that McDollar (trendies call it McDonald's) chips contain sugar?

The Psychedelic Gloom

Well then, you'd be perfect for the



Dear Megazine

My favourite doughnut filling isn't jam and I don't like ring doughnuts. I love custard-filled, fudge-topped doughnuts.

I've got a new debate for you: what is WLW? Is it a man, a woman, a computer, an alien or what?

I M Nutty

It's a "what", definitely a




Wake up, go downstairs, hope to see Manics on MTV, never do, eat toast, drink coffee, go back upstairs, pull on the uniform, put on make-up, do hair in plaits, pick up bag, go back downstairs, not to mention read Teletext, leave the house — whatever the weather and begin my journey to a treacherous place called school... come back and do what?


Miss Tristesse

Reading Teletext should enlighten



Top Three Ways To Prepare For The Millennium Bug

  1. Start writing an exquisitely obscene job resignation letter.
  2. Party like it's 1999.
  3. Open checking accounts in dozens of banks with no more than £20 in each, and wait for a windfall.

Scully Warrior

You're going to be jobless, hungover