April 30, 2006


Sensational pyromaniac, whatever happened to the legend that was dimgirl from the molehole? Huh?

WLW what have you done with her? Tell us me at once.


She's from a molehole - where do you think she is?



I'm playing along with Countdown when Carol does this impossibly difficult numbers game, and I say aloud: "How on earth did your brain work that out?"

Then Des says: "How on earth did your brain work that out?"

How spooky is that?!!

So who's reading whose mind? (Actually I s'pose it's me, 'cos we all know it's not really live, even though they try to kid us it is.)

The Cats' Grandma

Cynicism is a sign of the old.



If you do not have any tastebuds, mud and chocolate icing are exactly the same.

A chilling vision of the future there, I believe.

Helga Hufflepuff's Hat

Does that mean ketchup and jam taste the same too? We could be onto a winner here.



If someone is in a "stable condition", does that mean he or she is very hoarse?

Hay Hoe!

Papergirl Rose

If you say so Rose, if you say so!



Please someone help me,
it's not healthy for me to feel this
y.o.u are making this hard
you got me tossing turning
can't sleep at night
this time please someone come and rescue me.....

WLW you were right about the Crazy Frog popping back up - he is releasing a World Cup song!

The flabbergasted baby face

I'm always right. Have you ever been to the Bahamas?



Where did the phrase "the best thing since sliced bread" come from?

I mean on the scale of best inventions ever made, sliced bread would be somewhere towards the bottom.

From now on I'm gonna be saying "the best thing since glitter" (officially the best invention ever)

The Vampire of Ye Olde Hinkytown

Don't knock it! If you'd invented sliced bread you'd be very rich indeed.