April 26, 2006


ANGUISHED ANGUA If Bamber Boozler gives all the right answers, who makes up all the wrong ones? Me of course.

THE AMAZING BOUNCING FERRET Yay, I passed my driving test, second time lucky! Will you give me some fluffy dice, WLW? Er, no.



There's a Wikipedia entry about 'Zine! With a list of legendary 'Ziners! How cool is that? Needless to say, I'm not on there.

It says that we 'Ziners send in our "opinions, rants and random gubbins". "It is, supposedly, a comedy page." I don't like the look of that "supposedly".

Anyway, I thought that was pretty darn cool.

Tuftybee the Unlegendary

You are now officially legendary.



Is it just me or do Adam Baldwin and Craig in Coronation Street have a similar resemblance?

Only that Craig (Richard Fleeshman) is more attractive. Must be the haircut or I need to visit the optician's. One of them.

The Rat Dancer

More to the point, has Adam grown 10 feet since he appeared from boarding school?



I thought I should try the "Space" diet. I am only allowed to eat space exploration stylee things.

At the moment, this is Galaxy and Milky Way chocolate, and also rocket salad, as well, of course.

Helga Hufflepuff's Hat

Don't forget the trusty Mars Bar and Star Bar, Starbursts and Flying Saucers!



On the bus a while back, there was a bloke sitting in the luggage rack (there were no free seats), with his legs crossed and eyes closed, apparently meditating.

The girl who was sharing my headphones pointed out that he looked a bit like Splinter from the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles.

My bus is weird.


It sounds like you could make a TV sketch out of your bus...



The participants are a member of the public who is desperate to be famous and a celebrity no-one has ever heard of who is desperate to be more famous.

If the member of the public can identify the celebrity, he gets shot in the head. If he can't identify the celebrity, the celebrity gets shot in the head.

Everyone's a winner baby.


There's no fooling you is there? Take it you're not a fan of Prestelle?