March 30, 2006

NANANANAH MULL OF KINTYRE I'm making a website, I'm making a website. Rock on.

CHITI THE GREAT Hi, I'm a turtle with wings so that means I can fly. Can you, WLW? Giraffes. Turtles. End of.


JAFFA GIRL Hi I'm new, I love giraffes and Jaffa Cakes, too. I can't think of much to say at the moment. Well you've passed the test so far...

WLW, with these Ferrero Rochers, you are really spoiling us.

FallOut Girl x x x

Giraffes notoriously like to spoil but not with Ferrero Rochers...



No, really, who is Sarah Jessica Parker? Is she what you get if you order Sarah Michelle Gellar and don't pay the agent enough?


You really need to keep up on the celebville world, Daggs. Two words - Manolo Blahniks. Tsk.



Ooh dear, it just occurred to me that a particularly dreadful reply to the message: "My pants have sweets in them. Would you like one, WLW?" would be "Are they marzipants, Pedantic 252?" Yeeugh.

It's been a long day. I need sleep.

The One With The Mighty Antlers

You're disturbing me slightly with your pants obsession but even I can admit that would have been a good reply... but don't tell anyone.



What do you prefer WLW, dates or figs?


Seeing as leaves are a distinct delicacy of mine, I'll go with figs.

KOMBUTCHA MUSHROOM GIRL - Argh! I have a psychology exam tomorrow and I don't know anything! WLW, you behave abnormally, tell me all!

Psychotic tendencies and psychological states - it's all part of being a giraffe. Drink water and keep calm.



It says on the box: "Cook for 3 mins, stand for 1 min, cook for a further 5 mins."

Would it ruin my tea if I sat down instead?


You could take the risk but you might be in danger of spontaneously combusting.