October 28, 1999

ANGEL MOUSE I was standing next to a mousetrap and it did the most horrible thing — it told me if I come a step nearer it would kill me. Mouse be some mistake, surely.

DISCWORLD DUCHESS I need to know — are old socks cool? Only if they have holes in them.

SCOOTER FROM THE DGS I love my hair now I have changed its colour — now I'm a redhead! I give you one piece of advice — don't go outdoors.



Every night the goblins come and steal my underpants. To stay awake I must ensure I get a plentiful supply of chocolate.

I must watch them come or face fire, brimstone and Steps! If I were to sleep, I would experience horrors beyond imagination, including Vengaboys and my ultimate nightmare — Lolly.

C3PO's Secret Lover

You chocoholics always




Love is a funny thing — you think it's true love, get married, have kids and the next thing you know you're drooling over your best mate's younger brother.

How can there be love at first sight when love is blind?

I love only the one who is mysterious enough to make me feel I know him and sweet enough to give me toothache.






Why is it that everything is so normal?
Why don't people grow on trees?
Why don't animals wear business suits?
Why can't we have candles instead of pets?
Why aren't there little people in the telly?
Why can't I have three wishes?
Why can't I win the Lottery?

Malteaser Moo

You don't want much