June 26, 1999

PURPLE POPCORN FLUFF Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious. Now say it backwards. Ha Ha. God I need a life. I hate to agree, but...

TINKERBELL THE BUFFALO FAIRY I'll scream! And sqweeem and squeem and squeem and squeem and squeem until I make mythelf thick! But then you'll be twice as thick.

I EAT CHEESE (Stuck in the '90s) If you really want to party with me, put your hands where my eyes can see. It could be worse, you could be stuck in the '80s... remember puffball skirts?


DEAR GOD aka Dave Smith

I hate you for creating your so-called "supremacy" over women for the past thousands of years. You have put the value of the mother and daughter below that of the father and son and placed men above women in incorporating the domination of the phallus.

You and your male figure-headed religions should be destroyed and the power and beauty of woman embraced.

Riot Grrl (who did not evolve from a bloke's rib)

I couldn't possibly comment



Here are a few things that I think about to help cheer me up when I'm depressed:

  • the apocalypse
  • Selotaping the mouths of the annoying little brats outside my house
  • a cute kitten playing with a ball of string.

Moon Monkey

And this




Okay, let's get this straight. I send in letters, WLW likes them and prints them. At worst s/he has no choice and prints any old rubbish I care to write.

That doesn't mean I have a big ego at all. What I do have is lots of time — well, maybe not.

Anyway I have no friends — so if you want to be on 'Zine every day, have no friends.

Eau Rouge

Hmm, 'Zine or friendless existence...




My brother has a new hobby — naked sleepwalking (He doesn't wear pyjamas). Last night he walked into my parents room with it all on show and woke them up.

Not only that but my parents used to sleepwalk. Now I'm scared that one night I'll find my family sleepwalking naked in my room.

Can anyone think of a worse wake-up call?

Freak Girl

Errrm, Marilyn Manson