January 31, 1999

EAU ROUGE On my blacklist today: Kenny, Kwik Save, Wild Bill Hiccup, and the owner of that big red car. The Gods of the shopping experience!

MOONLIGHT KNIGHT It's great being one of those nothing 'Ziners that nobody remembers. It's just a reflection of who I am in real life. All together now! Aaaahhhhhhh!

Mary had a little lamb,
she tied it to a pylon,
10,000 volts straight through it's head,
turned it's wool to nylon.
You're a sick nymph.


WLW squinted against the sharp sun. On the distant ridge he could see a lone rider moving gracefully through the sage brush.

The figure in the saddle looked familiar. As his horse turned, twin Colt 45s glinted in the harsh noon light and WLW knew who the lone stranger was.

Before WLW could call "Bill!", the rider was gone into the rough-hewn hinterland.

Wild Bill Hiccup

Love him or hate him....




At university, one of the problems I face is that I don't have a Teletext TV and so I don't know whether my messages are shown.

So what's the point? I hear you ask. Well, I'm hoping that when I go back home I will see my name mentioned in the 'Zine.

Daz - new and improved (kind of)

PS. Never try to impress members of the opposite sex by claiming to be an airline pilot/brain surgeon/Jesus and demonstrating with hand actions.

What hand actions are you




Moomins are cooler than an extremely cool thing, (that I can't quite think of at the moment).

I prefer the Japanese animated series, compared to the original claymation version. That just got too spooky for a two-year-old to analyse. You remind me of Snuffkin.

PS. I seem to be blacklisted on the 'Zine! Oh humanity what have I done?

The Jacobean Bounty Hunter

Maybe it's the absurd length

of your full name?



See the light 'Ziners. Forget Wild Bill. Admit the gorgeousness of the squeaky-voiced gonk off the telly.

Accept that Joe Pasquale is God. Realise you can no longer resist him - his cuteness, dashing good looks and humour will get you in the end.

Hail Joe! We love you!

The Dancing Queen from Planet Pasquale

Yes and I expect you fancy those

little plastic dog toys as well..