January 19, 1999

FRANKIE JAMES The wonderful image of Tim Curry in stockings and suspenders will stick with me for ever. Wonderful?

SWEET FA Does having the song - Follow The Yellow Brick Road - in your head mean you are insane? Yes.

BLACK GAMBIT Yep, that's right I'm defending the Universe... actually a bit of help would be nice. Too busy making the tea, I'm afraid!

WONDERGIRL Ever become at one with your furniture? I hope this is legal...



We are two adoring fans. We want to start The Official Hiccup Fanclub. Can we work in your saloon?

We will stop all these other people ripping off your stories. Damn those other idiots.

We love you. Respect. Hail Hiccup!

L'etoile and Madonna-Wayne Spacey.

The Real Wild Bill is back

Next Week!!!



During their lifetime the average person spends:

  • 7 years in the bathroom
  • 6 years eating
  • 1 year searching for lost objects
  • 5 years standing in queues
  • 8 months opening junk mail
  • 6 months waiting at traffic lights

What a waste!


I don't know...

All sounds very sensible to me


Are you cynical, melancholic and out-of-love? Do you possess a willingness for personal insults?

Then you'll fit in perfectly! Just complain bitterly and WLW will have you jumping up and down at your 18 seconds of fame in no time.

You must have an appreciation of your efforts being sliced and diced.

The Infernal Daemon Disillusioned by the Capitalist Heaven of Christmas.

No more requests for un-edited letters!

I enjoy my slicing and dicing...



I'm writing in defence of hip hop. Those who criticise it obviously don't go for lyrics, messages that go deep and valuable experiences.

I call upon hip hop lovers to write into 'Zine with some enigmatic lyrics - as that's what 'Zine is all about - Remember if you don't understand it don't diss it!

Peace - idiosyncracy

I can't wait