September 11, 1998

THE BUTCHERED ARCHITECT Time for a mass debate. Capitalism is wrong! How about that? Straight debate or with a view to an armed uprising?

THE CACKLING PUMPKIN Non Sticky Bindi, you could use eyelash glue to stick yourself to a willing forehead. Also, could WLW be a woman? I'll just check...

INDIE KIDDER I love Cartman from South Park. Most people say Kenny's funniest. Somebody back me up - my mates think I'm mad. One man's hoo-hoo dilly is another man's cha-cha (see above).



The meaning of life is fairly simple.

life n.,
1. the state or quality that distinguishes living beings or organisms from dead ones and from inorganic matter.
2. the period between birth and death.

So there it is, meaning of life found. The purpose of life is a completely different matter.

Kamikaze Bunny.

My my, aren't YOU a




I'm stressed, strained and in suspense,
Disturbed, distressed, concerned and tense.

Traumatised, tantalised, troubled and tormented,
Fearful, fretful and becoming demented.

Will WLW allow me on the screen,
To become a member of Megazine?


I'll put you in although it's tripe,

Cos verse is quick'n'easy to type!



I wish people would not assume that vegetarianism exists solely for the sake of saving animals.

I am vegetarian because I do not like the taste and it is a healthier way of life.

I personally believe in the natural chain and that we are on top of it, yet I am still vegetarian.

The Sparkly Angel.

Amazing! I hate cruelty to animals,

but they taste great!



Hot Shot Pilot etc is not the only wimp in the world.

I'm excluded from all gangs because I don't smoke, yell abuse at everyone, fight, or buy the latest trainers.

Because of this, lots of girls think I'm sweet. But will any of them consider dating me? No!

Life just ain't fair.

The Moaning Jedi.

You're lucky. I'm always excluded cos

I'm smelly, ugly and stupid.