September 10, 1998

SWEET SAPPHO WLW, why don't you screen my letters? Shame on you, mistreating poor innocent 'Ziners. You're kidding, it's the only reason I get out of bed.

FROZEN VEG Did you realise that 2(xy2)+15n+9(x+2)=a number? Very handy to know. Thankyou.

SLEEPING JIVA WLW, it occured to me that due to lack of space we never really hear what you think about current affairs or debates, so I left you bit of room, fire away >> Well, I t



4 things that annoy me about lads:

  1. If a girl goes up and talks to a lad he thinks it's a sign to stick his tongue down her throat. IT'S NOT!
  2. When a lad hasn't had a shave for days he still expects his girlfriend to kiss him.
  3. Arm hair doesn't look good.
  4. Really hairy legs - it makes me heave just thinking about it.

The Black Widow (with Attitude)

I've got your number. You fancy




Many thanks for naming the TV show. However, I am still troubled.

I need to know the name of a film I once saw. It was about a boy who lost a T-shirt, which I think had a picture of a tiger on it. The T-shirt had special powers. Or something.

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about.

Troubled Penguin

A tiger T-shirt? - One niff and people

go "Paw!" (Fnrk k-yak gfaw gfaw)



Radiohead - not the world's greatest band ever (not yet anyway).

But at least they're not stupid enough to think they are (not pointing at anyone... Oasis and The Verve!).

When it finally comes down to it, well won respect and pure musical talent will show who's the best.

Moteeb Rutiger

Okay 'Ziners - who is the




Food - it's nothing short of fabulous!

It cheers you up when you're down, it cheers you up when you're not down. It ranges from delicious to yummy.

Food food food food food food food!

It's the great missing subject on Megazine, so come on, let's talk grub 'Ziners!

The Great Digester

Hmmm. Could be interesting. Could be