August 23, 1996

THE 'TACHE is worried about beafeaters. He ain't talking about the carnivorous type, strictly Tower of London blokes. Too many ravens there.

BLACKCURRANT BABYLON only gets to surf 'Zine when babysitting next door. One form of dedication, I suppose.

VENUS IN FLARES admonishes Scrawn for saying his cousin is Echo and the Bunnymen's Les Patterson. It's actually Pattinson. Some cousin (fraud) you are!

THE SWANKY HANKY is no more. He blew

his nose too hard and now it's ruined!



I'm not saying that you have to be an individual. Every individual's circumstance is different.

I know I can only speak for myself - my friends grew tired of my "eccentricity" and deserted me. It was not my choice to be alone, but why should I have compromised?

Nobody should be alone, but it is better than being persecuted.

Stan D'Alone

Don't worry Stan, 'Zine is with you!



I totally agree with you, Nevermind by Nirvana is the best album ever!

All Nirvana's songs, not just Lithium, are brilliant.

Because of the criticism, I demand that Korky's Pedantic Crunchie deserves to be put in an extremely hot furnace and melted to oblivion unless he repeatedly says Nirvana are the greatest.

Mia the Mermaid, majorly miffed

Nirvana were good, so what?



How could you suggest that you're the only 'Zinester to have all Oasis's singles on CD? I also have them and so do two of my friends.

The only thing that would impress me would be someone who had them all on vinyl, or someone who bought them from the beginning and not from Live Forever like everybody else.

Internet Curtains

Aah, another big-headed Oasis fan!



What has happened to Saturday night telly? Many programmes are just churned out and boring.

How can they call it family entertainment - pets winning prizes, Man O Man, Casualty repeats and dodgy movies?

Why is all the good stuff on Friday night when everyone's out?

One Funki Munki, grateful for Teletext


VENUS claims to be better than Adonis. Better at what, gullibility? Well, someone has to be good at it!