November 11, 1993

Dear Mega-zine,

Over the past few weeks there have been a few contributions opinionating about the way people look (eg top 10 ugly footballers).

Well, beauty is only skin deep - it's what's inside that counts. The worst looking person in the world can be the most attractive if she/he has a wonderful personality.

Bronwen, Ilford

Some people lose out on both counts!


Reply to Richard O'Neill who said Pearl Jam were "Grunge".

We like Pearl Jam because of their original sound, unlike Nirvana who are carbon copies of Soundgarden and Mudhoney etc.

He also said: " one else but you seems to want him to speak for our generation." I think 950,000 copies of Vs sold in the first week of release in the USA speaks for itself.

Eddie's defence attorney, Seattle

Take that Richard O'Neill!



  1. Vinny Samways
  2. Jason Dozzell
  3. Terry Phelan
  4. Keith Curle
  5. Ian Dowie
  6. John Jensen
  7. Matt Le Tissier
  8. Carlton Palmer
  9. Paul McGrath
  10. Paul Merson

A QPR fan, London

They're pretty fit players though!