March 18, 2006

LITTLE WHITE DOVE I'm new woohoo! So print me or I will hold all Jaffa Cakes hostage! PS I'm in love with giraffes. It was the love that swung it.

BAHAMUT ZERO What is spam actually made out of? Trust me, you don't wanna know.



EXCUSE ME! the role of world taker-overer has already been filled, newbie princess... by me! I'm the one winged angel!

I'm the one who's namesake repeatedly takes over the world and I'm the one with the Jaffa Cakes!

Although you're more than welcome to become one of my clone-full minions.

One Winged Angel

And there was me thinking angels were angelic.



Me and my mates were playing fireball tennis in my mates living room the other day but his mum came over his house and shouted at us for some reason!

She took us down the fire station to talk to the fire officers there about fire safety. Apparently fireball tennis isn't a good idea and could set my mate's house on fire.

Spoil sports!


What is it with you guys and fires?



Have you noticed, WLW, the uncanny resemblance between the lead singer of Hard-Fi and Chris Coleman the Fulham manager? No wonder Fulham are so "Hard To Beat".

Sorry for any inconvenience caused with the absolutely awful pun. Please send your complaints to Points Of View immediately.

Beijing's 8,999,997th Bicycle

This one's bound to create a commotion, Bicycle.



Happy St Paddy's day!

Ever notice that on St Paddy's cards, it always says top o' the mornin to ya!

I, as an Irish woman have never said it and not many self respecting people go round shouting it, either!

Deedle eedle eedle e Deedle eedle eedle e!..... What do you expect, I'm Irish!

Converse addict

Oh no! You've ruined all my illusions. Now how's the craic everyone? To be sure, to be sure.



The banker on Deal Or No Deal is obviously Harry Hill. Anyway, all you 'Ziners going on about how bad your towns are, mine's full of drunken chav 12-year-olds who feel threatened by leopard print.

And as for the telly, I only get three channels in English, two of which are very wobbly, and the other you can see faded pictures from another channel on it. Woo-a woo-a.

The Spontaneously Combusting Penguin.

Feeling sorry today, aren't we Penguin?