October 13, 1999

HECTOR THE MERCENARY Huge spud guns, innovation today, imitation tomorrow. And the day after... a padded cell for you!

QUEEN OF THE TROUBLED TEENS Since I'm the Queen of the Troubled Teens, does this mean I'm also Queen of the 'Zine? Not if I have anything to do with it. That's my job.

SPINNING SILVER CANDY CLOUD I walked into a teapot and saw the future. Excellent! Next time bring me back a cup of wisdom. Thanks.



Am I and Jon the Postman the only 'Ziners willing to make a stand against trendyish political correctness?

In the words of Nietzsche, "only he that is man enough can save the woman in woman".

The Psychedelic Gloom




Confused Dippy Hippy

I will never disappear. I just sail on the edge of a void, gliding on the pure air.

I can hear some faint unimportant whispers.

During the evening I watch abstract dragons of peace and fire battle in the sky overhead.

And I wash my pants.

The Jacobean Bounty Hunter

Too much



Dear PC Stu & Lara Croft

Thank you for your wedding invitation. I'd love to go.

One question though. Is there a dress code?

I was wondering if I could wear my orange boiler suit, the one with gold saftey pins down the sleeves.

Paul Draper's Boiler Suit

Won;t you feel slightly




I would just like to remind you that I am the true fish authority, not you.

I will give you a choice: you may join me and we can rule the world, or I will destroy you.

I recommend the first option because it will save me a lot of trouble and can get you and I everything we've always wanted.


Getting a bit big for your