May 15, 1999

DEEP BLUE SOMEONE Growl, roar, snarl, mew. Is that supposed to frighten us? Well, actually, it does...

PHANTOM CHICKEN If there was a Megazine city, all the famous 'Ziners would live in mansions and all the non-famous ones would live in council flats. That means I'd live in a HUGE palace. Cool!

LONE STAR Flying Turnip — I'd love to be friends. I've gone all shy now... I love bringing people together...


FLYING TURNIP I sent in 11 letters, you must print at least two. Ok mate. Yes sir, Mr Turnip sir!

WEMDEN MOUSEHOUND Eau Rouge — here, take this pin, and use it to deflate your ego! It's always good to vent your aggression, feel better?!

MYSTERIOUS WAYS My dad is really my pet goldfish. Sorry, couldn't resist! (see next pages!)

PC STU I need some sleep now! Snooze away my friend, everyone else is!



Time projection machine set to 2025.

Afka Gonzo found working as a roadie for Spice Girls comeback tour... School and politcal parties abolished: World now under total 'Zine control. Respect to Ginger Kappa Slapper.

Must dash, transmission breaking up again. Tell WLW that next week's winning National Lottery numbers are... .....!

Rodney Regatta (wah wah)





This is my second letter to you because I hate you.

You don't have to be on 'Zine. Go to Backchat and get out of 'Zine.

You're not a true Turnip. You're a very sad person and you're are never going to make any friends!


PS, A word of warning, if anyone else tries to be the new turnip, don't bother.

If talking to yourself is the first

sign of madness, this is worrying!



Let me tell you what I'm thinking.

What is up with all these new 'Ziners? Calling out to anyone who loves the 'Zine and remembers the day when you could sit down in the evening, flick to 142 (or 442) and be confronted with surrealism in all it's glory.

'Ziners nowadays are just trying too hard to be weird and it just comes out silly. It is not funny to write in and say: "My dad is really my pet goldfish."

Get a grip people, you are destroying an outlet for magical expression.

Mysterious Ways

You're so right... No point Dali'ing

about. (Hee hee ho ho ho!)


Dear WLW,

You should stop printing PC Stu's letters until he writes something of interest to someone other than Lara C.

What are you? Some kind of answering service? Show us what you are made of WLW!

Deep Blue Someone

As long as you find a better chat-up

line than "nice mugs" - Deal?!