February 11, 1999

RANDOM GULP Once I tried to calculate the annual growth of the water snail population. You need to get out more, there's a whole world out there!

INFINITE GIRL Life is like a box of... Cornflakes!!! We either get eaten up, vomited out or... turn soggy (shock, horror!) As it's almost Valentines and since you said you loved me!

ECO WARRIOR FOX GIRL Personally I prefer Pizza. Do you wanna pizza the action?



I'd just like to point out I did write Trent Reznor not Trent Razor. Sorry to criticise the all-powerful WLW.

I would also like to point out that the National Lottery is a stealth tax, pop music is pure evil, Natural Born Killers is a love story and satire of the media's predatory nature, oh, and God is dead! Thank you.

Nihilistic Automaton

Some good points, well constructed




I had finished reading the 'Zine after a long day at school... I switched the TV back to normal, exept it didn't work and the 'Zine remained!

I flicked through every channel. I could hear the background noise of BBC1/2 etc, but still the 'Zine remained! I was so overcome I turned off the TV and switched it back on. It was still there!

WLW, your powers are greater than we ever hoped!

Twisted Nymph

It's no use trying to escape




I give to you all my wisdom. Right! If you accept the fact that the universe is infinite, that will mean there is an infinite amount of chances for things to happen, so eventually it will happen.

So that means somewhere there are other universes which developed exactly the same way as ours. So, in a far-away universe, I am WLW.

Infinite Girl

Hope you're having as much

fun as I am!



Me again 'Ziners! I saw your letter from my dark dungeon beneath the hell on earth you mortals call Keighley and I had a flash of inspiration.

You and me could get together and devise some fiendish tortures for Steps! (I know, I know, not a dating Agency.)

And what happens if you call 911 in England?

Silver Shinobi

As this "getting together" is for

A good cause, I'll let it pass!