December 8, 1998

THE JACOBEAN BOUNTY HUNTER FROM THE DEVIL'S TOILET WLW - I'm lonely - can we be friends? I consider all my lovely 'ziners to be my friends - I don't have any real-life ones y'see, sob.

THE IRON CRISP I'm pink, therefore I'm spam. Wow, profound.

LANCASHIRE HOT POT People think it's OK to be rude to me, all because my view of traditional northern meals differs from their fancy southern ways. Make mine a toasted ciabatta with roast vegetables and balsamic vinegar.



Here's my universal theory of life, which I think all 'ziners should subscribe to:

Chips + tomato ketchup = good

Bacon sandwich + brown sauce = good

Don't alternate the two.




I think everyone should stop bickering and put their differences behind them.

Jacobean Bounty Hunter and Ninja Hamster should make friends and stop being nasty about each other, Sheriff Bronson and Wild Bill Hiccup should make peace and fight together.

Let's all have a group hug.

Little petal





I stroked the photo in my pocket absent-mindedly; it was a picture of Her. I have to do it - she has betrayed me, with Him.

They go for walks together; she never went for walks with me. I feel tense, but not afraid as I sit here waiting for him to come out of his house.

He'll come out for a drink soon, then I'll get him. Here Fido...

Melon Head

MH you're one