September 22, 1998

MOTEE6 RUDIGER Why the hell didn't you print the stuff INSIDE my envelope? Didn't you open it? Inside?

BECKETTS Why is life like a bowl of cherries? Are we supposed to be red and round with a big green thing sticking out of our heads? Yes.

NAUSEATING NEIL The floggings will continue until morale improves. I think you have a great future in the corporate world, NN.



Riot now! Cause havoc in the streets! Descend on the tyrants and kick them down, make over the ugliness into beauty, hurt those who controlled you as they have hurt you.

Join me, I will help you.

Why? 'Cos I'm bored today.

The Answer Machine of the High Hipsteress of Insanity.

Something annoyed you?



Most 'ziners at one point decide to leave 'Zine. Some of them tell us why.

However, unless you are a really famous 'ziner like AFKA Gonzo, Ms Nahid or Ninja Hamster, nobody cares.

My only claim to fame was starting the paperclips vs staples debate.

So if anyone does care then au revoir, I'm leaving.

Eau Rouge.

So it was YOU was it.

I hope you're satisfied.



I may be trying to be something I'm not, but the person I am is still cool anyway.

This little Charlatan will succeed!
This little Charlatan will get a job... (eventually).

The Little Charlatan.

You'll only regret it.



I am searching for the ultimate answer to an annoying question!

As a kid, I remember watching a strange programme hosted by a crocodile. From what I remember there were some rats in it as well. They had mini cartoons each episode — one I remember vividly as "Thunderpants".

Imperial Salami.