February 7, 1993

DEL AMITRI: Change Everything

This album has been out a year, but it still makes it for my top album jobs list; it's had 4 hit singles and there's more to come!

This album has already made it to the top ten so it's not just me who reckons on this being a classic of the genre.

Keep an ear out for Surface Of The Moon, I Won't Take The Blame, and The First Rule Of Love.

Shane Rooney, Ireland.



  1. I Want Tomorrow
  2. Caribbean Blue
  3. The Celts
  4. Book Of The Days
  5. Riverflow
  6. Evening Falls
  7. After Ventus
  8. To Go Beyond
  9. Angles
  10. Storms In Africa.

David Kangley, Swansea, Wales.



  1. November Spawned A Monster
  2. Suedehead
  3. Picadilly Palace
  4. The National Front Disco
  5. Interesting Drug
  6. Alsatian Cousin
  7. You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
  8. Bengali In Platforms
  9. Late Night Maudlin Street
  10. Glamdroug Glue

Johhny Maher, Manchester.


BRYAN ADAMS: Waking Up the Neighbours

As soon as I was able to get to the record store you couldn't see me for dust! The video has all the ingenuity you'd expect from Bryan and lots more.

From bucking guitars, exploding pianos and rotating drum sets in Can't Stop This Thing We Started to dolphins jumping around in a field in Thought I'd Died and Gone To Heaven.

Forty minutes of brilliant viewing. ■■■■■

Bryan's red & white Fender, Dronfield