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Reading the 'Zine was a part of daily life for many people. When I realised that there was a considerable nostalgic fondness for it, I started a quest to collect and organise all the letters that were broadcast during its tenure.

The writings of a generation would then be preserved for all to enjoy again.

This museum is only possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the teletext community. They spend hours recording and converting VHS tapes to unearth pages that were once thought lost.

Thanks to:

Apprecations also go to donors who wish to remain anonymous, and anyone I forgot!


Why the font?

It is a recreation of a font that was used to show teletext content on some TVs. Other TVs used the Enhanced Teletext Standard font.

Alternate fonts are available in the "Accessibility" settings.

Where is 2007-09 in the index?

I don't have any letters to show for those years yet.

On the 13th July 2006, the 'Zine moved to Teletext Ltd's service on digital TV. A different method of recovery is needed for those.

I Need You

Do you have VHS recordings of analogue TV? Did you save the MHEG-5 carousels for the Teletext channel between 2006-2009?

If yes, and you'd like to share, then please get in touch!

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