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Fishy in a dishy!

The what?

A long, long time ago, there was a civilisation known as the Mega-Zine. The people, known as the 'Ziners, were cast out from society for opposing tendies (popular trends) and pop music.

Their one true leader, WLW, resided atop the highest tower in the land. Accompanied by Davord, supreme ruler of Tharg, Marcel the Monkey, and loyal feline friends Mavis and Medulla, they were highly respected, albeit mysterious.

Offerings in the form of short written texts — poetry, musings, humour, sarcasm, life observations, musical ideas and other general topics of debate would be sent forth for consideration.

Once a day, WLW would choose the best writings from the submissions and broadcast them across the land via the means of teletext. 'Ziners who gained the favour of WLW often became famous amongst their peers.

Sadly, these lands were fated to fade away.

The Mega-Zine Museum is a repository of these writings. The letters of a generation of young people, once believed to be lost, are now recovered and preserved for all to read.

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